62' Catamaran - 4 Cabin

The Meridian Adventures 62’ sailing Catamaran delivers a sailing experience which includes the stability that only two hulls can offer. Designed to glide effortlessly through the waves, this powerful deep-water vessel combines outstanding comfort and performance both under sail and motor power. Accommodation is in 4 guest cabins, with an open plan, climate controlled, modern interior. Our Catamarans are skippered by 2 professional crew members and a Meridian Adventure's cadet.
Meridian Adventure will raise a sail at every possible opportunity. The equatorial winds and calm ocean provide an unbelievable sailing experience that only Meridian adventures can offer you. Once the prevailing winds fill your sails and the engines are turned off, the 62' Catamaran will glide with silent ease. Choose to relax and enjoy the breath taking scenery, or gain a first-hand seafarer's experience assisting the crew with the rigging. Know that you travelled your itinerary with our environmentally friendly ethos in mind, sailing from place to place pushed by mother nature and leaving little carbon footprint.
So simple, so clean, so conscious, so much more than you could imagine. Feel at home in the freshness of our interiors, serviced throughout the day and maintained impeccably. From the modern uncluttered comfort of an extremely well designed saloon to the beautiful, custom made Lintea Mare linens, you will experience your living space in a way you will remember forever. Stepping onboard you finally find that place of contentment you secretly knew must exist somewhere.
Turning fresh, local produce into mouth-watering meals for guests can only be done in a state of the art galley! All our vessels have galleys that have been designed with functionality and simplicity in mind, allowing us to create wholesome, interesting meals with finesse. Our menus have been created to reflect food that is available locally and in a sustainable way – which means guaranteed freshness and taste, every day.
Behind the perfectly manicured cabins and lounge areas on board, lie the equally well maintained mechanical and electrical aspects of the vessel. Meticulous attention has been given to the way we care for the engines and moving parts, keeping to stringent health, safely and environmental regulations. A well-run vessel not only results in a peaceful and undisturbed trip for you, but it also means that we can be mindful of the natural environments we operate in.
On board Meridian Adventures Vessels, technology, design and professional crew, come together to give you comfort and exhilaration all from the same platform, still ensuring the safest onboard environment. Beautifully presented, the vessel’s exterior areas offer everything from cool quiet comfort, to lazy sun bathing, a sailor’s thrill or a natural poolside paradise. The 620’ Catamaran offers something for everyone and more than you can imagine.


HEre 16