WELCOME TO Zakynthos

Zakynthos is a perfect piece of nature that needs to be experienced first-hand. A Mediterranean paradise, with its sunny weather, kilometres of perfectly preserved coastline, impossibly translucent waters, sheer cliff sides and hidden beach coves.

Discovering Zakynthos and its unrefined beauty will have you dreaming about this destination for years to come.


Our team will take you on a mind-blowing tour of the Blue Caves, making sure that you’re in exactly the right spot to see the sunlight reflecting off brilliant white walls, creating an otherworldly effect.

Zakynthos is home to an ancient species of Loggerhead sea turtle, known as ‘Caretta Caretta’ by locals. Gerakas Beach, on the southeast tip of the island is at the epicentre of turtle country and a haven for both sun-seekers and the “Caretta Caretta” sea turtle species.

If you’re a wine lover then you’re in for a treat! The island has many large vineyards, producing wines with a unique taste, colour and aroma, however it’s the different family wines which are the most interesting – each family traditionally produces its own wine which is consumed daily with the family meal. If your palate is not refined enough for local Greek wine, then indulge in other local delights like honey, olive oil and cheese.

Island hopping with our team will have you sailing through the Kafelonial channel to catch a glimpse of Corfu, or to an island known as ‘Jackie O’ – something to discover just around every corner.


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