Straddling both Asia and Europe, Turkey offers you the best of both continents, from Istanbul’s 21st-century nightlife and fashions, to the mystic Sufi culture in Konya, to the abundance of activities that the ocean offers.

The word ‘turquoise’ is actually derived from the French word for ‘Turkish’, and our team can confirm that here; the turquoise waters of the coast definitely deliver on the promise of their name!


The seas of the Turquoise Coast lap at the shores of secluded coves along the coast, with some of the country’s most iconic beaches, just an arm reach away. Nearby cities, which have been occupied for centuries by the Greek, Roman and Byzantine eras are located just in-land, so interesting archaeological sites and ruins are never too far off to be explored.

Each destination along the coast has a character of its own, adding a sense of pioneering spirit to your vacation, while our team are committed to delivering you to the most untouched and unique spots along the way.

Turkey’s allure does not stop at it’s coastline but extends inland where ancient cities have survived for centuries on this gorgeous cut of the coast, most notably: Xanthos, Tlos and Arykanda, with century-old tomb sites, carved into the rock at Pinara and Myra offer an amazing sight to see.

We also suggest you break away from the comfort of the boat for a half day hike along the Lycian Way, a 500 kilometre long trek along the coast – totally worth the sweat for the astounding scenery and ruins to explore.

One of the most notable experiences you will have in Turkey is the friendly nature and rich hospitality of the locals. On-land expeditions offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in Turkish culture, allowing you the chance to truly understand social traditions and customs.


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