WELCOME TO Tubbataha Reef

It is no secret that Tubbataha Reef offers, hands-down, one the best diving or snorkelling experiences you will ever have in your life! Proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site and with a spot on the ‘New 7 Wonders of Nature’ list, Tubbataha Reef needs to be on your bucket list!

Due to its isolated location in the middle of the Sulu Sea, access to this region is only via experienced sailboat, at the trusty hands of our knowledgeable team – well worth the trip.


A delight since its discovery in the 1970’s, the Tubbataha Reef has become a world-renowned marvel among avid divers and marine biologists, dubbed one of the most remarkable coral reefs in the world. A pure diver’s delight, you will have the opportunity to experience dramatic underwater terrain not seen in any other region of the Pacific, as well as breathtaking biodiversity and a plethora of large marine animals such as sharks, turtles and manta rays.

The Tubbataha Reef is, in fact, a natural park and is a region that is highly protected by the government. The reef itself has two massive atolls – the North Atoll and South Atoll as well as the smaller Jessie Beazley reef.

North Islet is home to the nesting site of birds and marine turtles, as well as incredible lagoons and coral islands. Our team do their utmost to ensure this region is left in its pristine condition after each visit, and strive to practice and endorse only the safest and most sustainable sailing and scuba diving practices.

Over 1,000 species inhabit the Tubbataha, with many appearing on the endangered list. Aside from the stunning assortment of marine life, this reef is a feast for the eyes and a must for all sport divers because of its dramatic structure and reef ‘walls’ which drop off into deep abysses, also home to many colonies of fish, including barracuda, hammerhead sharks, parrotfish, moray eels and, if you’re really lucky, whale and tiger sharks! The Tubbataha Reef is also home to the critically endangered species of the hawksbill sea turtle, and it is considered a real treat should you encounter one.

Coral formations along the reef are said to rival those found along the Great Barrier Reef, with this diverse sanctuary playing host to 350 different coral species and over 500 different fish species.


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