WELCOME TO Santorini

It has been said that Santorini is an island with more churches than houses, more donkeys than people, and more wine than water – suffice to say it really is a place like no other! 

Santorini sits above a vast sea crater left by one of the largest volcanic eruptions in history, forming the Cyclades islands.


Shaped by nature, Santorini is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations in Greece, and for good reason. Rising 300 metres out of the indigo coloured Aegean Sea, Santorini is peppered with traditional Cycladic houses, dousing the hillsides in brilliant white that can be seen from miles out at sea. Hundreds of whitewashed buildings gather together on a striking volcanic cliff, with the rich, blue Mediterranean ocean offering the perfect backdrop to the blue domes of all the churches scattered around the island. Santorini truly is a sight to behold!

Santorini’s two largest and most popular towns are Fira and Oia. Fira, also known by its ancient Greek name, Thira, is Santorini’s central hub. The town’s beautiful location, carved into the cliffside, offers panoramic views over the Aegean and makes it a good base for a day onshore, from which to explore the rest of Santorini. Oia is the smaller of the two towns and is well known for its iconic sunsets. Cliff jumping and natural hot spring experiences, directly from the comfort of your boat, are just a few things the island has to offer.

As you sail through the islands, our crew will deliver you to gorgeous and secluded coves – perfect for days spent swimming, snorkelling, paddle boarding, exploring and lazing on the pebble beaches.

For a spectacular photograph opportunity, hike the Fira Trail from Fira to Oia, while history enthusiasts are encouraged to tour the ancient site of Akrotiri. Discover the secrets of Vinsanto and much more on a tour around authentic Santorinian vineyards.

Grape varieties, traditional winemaking techniques as well as the unique microclimate and volcanic island soil give the wine a distinctive aroma and flavour, while the vibrant culture of the island offers a wide choice of delicious traditional foods.


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