WELCOME TO Louisdale Archipelago

The Louisiade Archipelago is made up of ten large volcanic islands, and another 90 smaller coral reef islands, spread over an area of 26,000 square kilometres. Beautifully remote and free from any form of major tourism, sailing through the Louisiade Archipelago will make you feel like one of the world’s first pioneering explorers!

The rain forests of this area form a distinct ecoregion, and are home to a number of endemic species, including several trees as well as five frog species. Amazing coral reefs hug the coastline of each island, making this a bucket list destination for snorkelling and scuba diving.


Sail the Solomon Seas. Located in what is known as the Solomon and Coral Seas, a passage of water just 510 nautical miles from the city of Cairns Australia, the Louisiade Archipelago’s largest islands sit waiting to be explored.

In this region of the Pacific, the diving and snorkelling opportunities are endless offering some of the best diving experiences in all of the South Pacific Ocean.

Largely untouched by development or tourism, the islands of the Louisiade Archipelago are a true testament to the astonishing natural biodiversity of the island of New Guinea, and its surrounding landmasses. The islands have a beautifully tropical climate, covered in a thick blanket of jungle that house some the world’s most rare species of flora and fauna, completely endemic to these islands.

There are 24 mammal species found throughout the archipelago rain forests, most of which are bats. All of the major islands of the Louisiade Archipelago are volcanic, although there are numerous smaller islands that are intricate coral formations.

While visiting the Louisiade Archipelago, you will come across the endearing locals, living lives that are largely untouched by urban development. Cultural immersion is definitely something we’d recommend, given the peaceful, hospitable nature of the people who call this paradise home.


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