WELCOME TO Jumento Cays

The Jumento Cays, also known as Ragged Islands to locals and well-seasoned travellers, are a collection of uninhabited islands ranging in size from that of a tennis court to a square mile/ 2.5 km. Forming a scattered arc in the Caribbean Sea, the Jumento Cays offer an off-the-beaten-track experience on deserted, pristine beaches without encountering another living soul other than local iguanas, tree crabs and our trusty crew! A sailing holiday wouldn’t be complete without enjoying some of the best water-based activities either, and our team make it their mission to ensure you enjoy the best places for diving, snorkelling, paddle boarding and some of the prime big game sports fishing in the region.


The Jumento Cays are a remote island chain, quite far removed from the more frequented regions like the Exumas. For a true taste of untouched Bahamian island life, simply sail through the Jumento Cays. Peppered along the southern edge of the 330-mile-long Great Bahama Bank, our guests are offered the chance to experience a region of the Bahamas that other travellers do not have access to. We take you through pristine environments that truly showcase the beauty of each country we visit.

Stretching for 110 miles/177km in a wide crescent shape, the Jumento Cays have just one populated island with just 40 locals going about their daily lives here. Throughout the Jumentos, larger land masses include Raccoon Cay, Hog Cay and Double-Breasted Cay which are also well worth exploring.

For quiet anchorages, colourful sunsets, peaceful sunrises and the gentle lapping of the waves on the shore, sailing amongst the Jumento Cays offers unadulterated relaxation – not to mention an exciting opportunity to explore each island at your will, without another soul in sight.

Our knowledgeable crew members know all the best spots throughout the Jumento Cays to encounter some of the best big game sports fishing for keen anglers with a strong arm, while also delivering you to some of the best sheltered bays for a day of snorkelling, paddle boarding, jet skiing or simply setting up post on the warm, silky soft sand and relaxing for the day.

Hardly as rough as the name suggests, Ragged Island is quite possibly one of the most serene places you could imagine living, and is the ultimate playground for fishermen. With its perfectly formed flats, this island offers up unparalleled opportunity for bonefishing, while also offering a chance to snag grouper, snapper, barracuda, tuna and king fish all in one day! Discover the many perfectly formed coves of the beaches, perfect for picnicking as well as several historic landmarks dotted across the island.


Jumento Cays AREAS