For a little more action and adventure, the Exumas are your ticket. This large collection of islands – 365 of them to be exact, can be separated into three major regions: Great Exuma, Little Exuma and the Exuma Cays. Doubling as both remote and deserted in some regions, as well as buzzing and vibrant closer to the Great and Little Exuma Cays, a so-called playground of the rich and famous – each island has a character of its own to be explored.


While the Exumas are slightly more populated than the Jumento Cays, make no mistake; there is no such thing as an overcrowded beach on any of the 365 Exumas islands. With dazzling sapphire blue waters that melt into an other-worldly turquoise green, footprint free beaches, tall swaying palms and warm, powdery sands that welcome you to the Exumas, it’s not difficult to see why these Bahamian islands are the paradise retreat for many world famous celebrities and well-seasoned travellers.

Each island and cay throughout the Exumas archipelago boasts a pristine and untouched coastline, not to mention some of the best opportunities for snorkelling and fishing in the Bahamas. One of the Exumas’ stand-out beaches is known as Tropic of Cancer or Pelican Beach, found on the island of Little Exuma, and boasts the longest and, undoubtedly, the most beautiful swath of unspoiled beach of all the islands. While snorkelling on the Atlantic side of Stocking Island, as well as throughout the Exuma cays, you will also have the chance to encounter one of the oldest known macro fossils on earth, known as Stromatolites.

To truly get a feel for the diverse biological beauty and bounty of the Bahamas, Morla Harbour Cay National Park offers 13,440 acres of ecosystem to be explored, including sand dunes, beaches, mangroves, sea grass beds and even a marine life nursery. A day spent on Major Spot Cay also offers one of the most authentic Bahamian experiences you could ask for – swimming with the island’s domesticated beach pigs – not to be missed!

For a taste of Bahamian culture, cuisine and nightlife, Georgetown on Great Exuma and the capital of the Bahamas, is home to the buzzing Fish Fry food market – a great place to visit for an authentic Bahamian meal of fresh grilled fish, cracked conch or even locally made pizza. Enjoy your meal at the outdoor picnic tables, watch or join the locals in a game of dominos and soak up the vibrant atmosphere.


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