Here, it’s as if time stood still.
This region of the Pacific has had minimal human impact and as a result is preserved and still an untouched paradise, begging to be respectfully explored.

Diving in Cenderawasih Bay is said to hinge on your ‘pioneering spirit’, going where few others have dared to go. Luckily, with our expert team at the helm, you will certainly get the most out of this untouched paradise.


Cenderawasih Bay is a relatively new treasure to the diving world! The abundant biodiversity of this region’s underwater life has earned it the title of the ‘the Galapagos of Indonesia’s reefs’ making it an interesting destination for those looking for something new and different.

It’s one of the best places to dive with whale sharks!

You will also spot four different species of sea turtles, frolic with dolphins and dugongs, and discover the wrecks of World War II warplanes. Definitely a spot worth checking out.

The Kwatisore Bay region has become somewhat of a local phenomenon for its ubiquitous whale sharks and the many spectacular opportunities there are to get up close to these gentle giants. No other region in Indonesia offers a chance to see such a vast number of whale sharks in one place, and in such crystal-clear waters.

For history buffs, the dive sites in Shinwa Maru offer intriguing discoveries of several World War II plane wrecks that met a watery fate during their hey-day, and superbly clear waters to dive and explore these historical relics. Some of the wrecks are within recreational diving limits, while others are located much deeper, and are better suited to experienced divers.

Though it does not feature the colossal sightings of whale sharks and plane wrecks, the dive site at Sungei Omiand offers much to be seen and explored in the beautifully intricate coral reef formations, and within the pure black volcanic sand of the seabed. There are plenty of interesting creatures to see like pygmy seahorses, sea snakes, frogfish, tiger prawns, cuttle fish and even the blue-ringed octopus.