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News | 12 February 2020

Meridian Adventure Sail supports the 2020 Cape Wine Auction

Explore Raja Ampat, Indonesia on a bespoke sailing itinerary to discover this marine hotspot teaming with wildlife. | READ MORE


News | 06 September 2019

Under (And On) The Sea

A safari experience is an extremely special one; it allows for a myriad of memories, to be treasured and reminisced over during the course of a lifetime. The abundance of such opportunities, however, means that premium travellers are increasingly finding traditional safaris passé. So, what next? | READ MORE


News | 28 August 2019

Join the club

We are living through a major historical shift, where corporates are beginning to prioritise making better decisions for the natural environment over cold, hard, numerical profits. It can be difficult to make such decisions, however. Where does one start? We suggest you chart your journey towards making a meaningful difference from an unforgettable experience on a Meridian Adventure Sail yacht. | READ MORE


News | 03 August 2019

Raja Ampat’s Hidden Iceberg

Stodgy conferencing has fermented past its sell-by day – and with good reason. Raja Ampat in Indonesia is an under-utilised MICE hub just waiting to be explored. | READ MORE


News | 31 July 2019

Future Masters of the Seven Seas

Our fully-sponsored cadetship programme gives young people from around the world the chance to pursue their passion and launches them into an exciting and dynamic career in the yachting industry. | READ MORE