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“I believe that people in their daily lives are far removed from the real world environment. They have little to no interaction or understanding of the natural environment nor the creatures within it. The biggest portion of the globe is covered in ocean which is home to most of the planet’s species. Meridian Adventure is designed to deliver experiences to people where natural abundance of life is beginning to diminish and in some places, is on the cusp of becoming extinct.

My vision is to bring high end tourism into these areas, providing food security and a means of education for the human occupants, so they can in turn afford to be the custodians of conservation in their regions. The hotel service’s profession that is practiced on board Meridian Adventure vessels is of an exceptional standard and is a transferable skillset which I want to share with the communities through which we sail.

A by-product of what we do and how we do it, is progressing Y generation youths through our Training Academy. From entitled, arrogant, uneducated, instant gratification telephone tapping ignoramuses into balanced, humble, service orientated and environmentally conscious professionals who will become the people that effect a positive change in human consumption and I hope, will be the leaders in the driving force of this change.”


– Sean Galleymore



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