Legal and Usage Guidelines

In this section, you will find important information about Meridian Adventure’s trademark and copyright usage. The Meridian Adventure brand is a
valuable asset, and employees and partners play a vital role in building and maintaining its strengths and core values.
Meridian Adventure Sail is the official brand name of our company and is written as stated – with no ‘s’ after ‘Adventure’ e.g. Meridian Adventures Sail

It is important to correctly use the company and brand name. When referring to the company in a corporate or legal context, use Meridian Adventure
Limited. This would be in all legal contracts or financial matters.

Use Meridian Adventure Sail, when referring to the company and when referring to the Private Explorers Club in branding or advertising materials
such as:

  • Website materials
  • Marketing materials
  • Press Releases
  • Feature Articles
  • Company Policies
  • Letterheads

Use Meridian Adventure Limited, when identifying the company for the purpose of conducting legal or contractual affairs, such as

  • Reporting financial results
  • Contracts
  • Litigation
  • Invoices or quotes

Usage of Brand Collateral

  • Use the Meridian Adventure Sail brand collateral only as they are provided to you.
  • Do not add hyphens.
  • Do not change the colour of the logo.
  • Do not alter the shape of the logo or mark in any way.
  • Do not place the logo or mark on a patterned background or over a complex image.
  • Do not combine the logo/mark and logotype in combination with other words, or as part of a sentence or phrase.
  • Do not use the stylised “flag” element by itself or in combination with other words or images unless approval has been given.
  • Do not obscure the Meridian Adventure Sail trademarks with other logos or graphical elements.
  • Do not add additional ornamentation or attach graphic or typographic devices to the Meridian Adventure Sail trademarks.
  • Do not display the Meridian Adventure Sail trademarks within any shapes, boxes or circles.
  • Do not shade, shadow, texture, glow or use any other effects on the Meridian Adventure Sail trademarks.
  • Do not print the Meridian Adventure Sail trademarks in 3D.
  • Do not use the Meridian Adventure Sail trademarks or the Meridian Adventure Sail corporate name in connection with naming third-party products,
    services, company, departments, etc.
  • For further guidelines, information or special requests, email media@meridianadventures.com
MERIDIAN ADVENTURE | SAIL as seen in press