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Forming one of the most beautifully scenic archipelagos on earth, it’s as if about 200 islands were poetically plopped into the North Pacific Ocean making up the tiny country, the Republic of Palau.

Each island’s volcanic rock interior is blanketed in dense jungle that rushes down to meet impossibly long stretches of beach and turquoise blue lagoons. With some of the best diving and snorkelling opportunities in the world, this region has earned the apt tag ‘Serengeti of the Pacific’.

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Discover Pristine Palau

For both divers and snorkelers, Palau is an underwater paradise of pristine coral reefs, large pelagic fish, shoals of sharks and giant stingrays. It is said that no two dives here are the same!

Aside from the amazing diving, we also offer snorkelling in the iconic Jellyfish Lake or kayaking amongst the many atolls of Palau.

Waking up surrounded by the beauty that characterises the islands of Palau, you will wonder how such a magically pristine and untouched region of the world still exists, especially after its tumultuous past. A dream for wreck diving enthusiasts, Palau’s ocean floor is scattered with war relics, over 40 World War II Japanese seaplanes and shipwrecks.

This region has been likened to that of the African Serengeti, thanks to its amazing biodiversity and the range of marine encounters.

Most notable dive sites throughout the Palau islands include Blue Corner, German Channel, Ulong Channel and Blue Holes – where you can dive the same site over and over again and thoroughly enjoy a different experience each time! From beginners and intermediate to expert divers, there are over 50 existing dive sites, each with distinct characteristics and individual personalities, offering something for everyone.

The archipelago of Rock Islands is home to the famed Jellyfish Lake – a natural marvel packed with millions of stinger-free jellyfish, which makes for a truly phenomenal snorkelling experience.

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