Indonesia, with its 18,000 isles covering some two million square miles of pristine tropical water and rich and vibrant local culture is truly a cruising ground with no comparison.

Mighty ocean swells come rushing in from fierce southern seas sending well-groomed lines of surfing perfection to curl, bend, and twist their way around southern coastlines while further north quiet waters and tranquil seas open up a submerged wilderness that is unparalleled in tropical biodiversity and beauty. Large parts of Indonesia are only semi tamed. Nature lovers delight in the astonishing variety of flora and fauna and trekkers enjoy breathtaking views from any one of the 150 Indonesian volcanoes that are the archipelago’s backbone.

Despite all the beautiful marine lakes, volcanoes, and the underwater wilderness; besides offering the best surf in the world, the best diving on the planet and the best trekking one could hope for; besides the diverse Indonesian delicacies and delicious flavours, besides everything, the greatest reason to visit Indonesia is her people. With a gentle nature and easy smiles, it’s the Indonesian people that make the country truly enjoyable.