Take a step from reality into a dream-like paradise and sail among the 700 islands and 2400 individual cays of Bahamas. You won’t realise how many shades of blue there are until you’ve seen the Bahamian sea, an unmatched natural beauty that inspired great explorers such as Christopher Columbus. Lose yourself in the impossibly clear ocean waters, light pink powdery beaches and the romanticised history of pirating and rum smuggling along the Bahamian coast. Find yourself diving the deep sunken holes of Andros or kayak and snorkel the Exuma Cays. The local swimming pigs are endlessly amusing and if big game fishing excites you then we’re off to the Jumento Cays!

A quintessential Bahamian day under gently swaying palms and in balmy blue waters will leave you feeling relaxed, recharged and sublimely sun kissed.


Jumento Cays