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Take a step from reality into a dream-like paradise and sail among the 700 islands and 2400 individual cays of Bahamas. You won’t realise how many shades of blue there are until you’ve seen the Bahamian sea, an unmatched natural beauty that
inspired great explorers such as Christopher Columbus. Lose yourself in the impossibly clear ocean waters, light pink powdery beaches and the romanticised history of pirating and rum smuggling along the Bahamian coast.

Find yourself diving the deep sunken holes of Andros or kayak and snorkel the Exuma Cays. The local swimming pigs are endlessly amusing and if big game fishing excites you then we’re off to the Jumento Cays!

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Discover the Jumento Cays

The Jumento Cays are a remote island chain, quite far removed from the more frequented regions like the Exumas. For a true taste of untouched Bahamian island life, simply sail through the Jumento Cays. Peppered along the southern edge of the 330-mile-long Great Bahama Bank, our guests are offered the chance to experience a region of the Bahamas that other travellers do not have access to. We take you through pristine environments that truly showcase the beauty of each country we visit.

Stretching for 110 miles/177km in a wide crescent shape, the Jumento Cays have just one populated island with just 40 locals going about their daily lives here. Throughout the Jumentos, larger land masses include Raccoon Cay, Hog Cay and Double-Breasted Cay which are also well worth exploring.

For quiet anchorages, colourful sunsets and peaceful sunrises, sailing amongst the Jumento Cays offers unadulterated relaxation.

The Jumento Cays Sailing Holiday
Exclusive Sailing Holiday Exumas

Discover Exumas

While the Exumas are slightly more populated than the Jumento Cays, make no mistake; there is no such thing as an overcrowded beach on any of the 365 Exumas islands. With dazzling sapphire blue waters that melt into an other-worldly turquoise green, footprint free beaches, tall swaying palms and warm, powdery sands that welcome you to the Exumas, it’s not difficult to see why these Bahamian islands are the paradise retreat for many world famous celebrities and well-seasoned travellers.

Each island and cay throughout the Exumas archipelago boasts a pristine and untouched coastline, not to mention some of the best opportunities for snorkelling and fishing in the Bahamas. One of the Exumas’ stand-out beaches is known as Tropic of Cancer or Pelican Beach, found on the island of Little Exuma, and boasts the longest and, undoubtedly, the most beautiful swath of unspoiled beach of all the islands. While snorkelling on the Atlantic side of Stocking Island, as well as throughout the Exuma cays, you will also have the chance to encounter one of the oldest known macro fossils on earth, known as Stromatolites.

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