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Australia is a land of dreams. From the sacred legends of the aboriginal Dreamtime when the great spirits conjured the coral reefs, rainforests, and scorched, red deserts, to armchair travelers who describe Australia as their dream destination, the Land Down Under deserves all the hype. The world’s smallest continent and largest island, Australia has some of the quirkiest wildlife on the planet.

Australia is also a land of staggering contrast and spectacular beauty. Along the coast, visitors can explore vibrant multicultural cities, safari across vast sand islands, trek through ancient rainforests, and dive the Great Barrier Reef. Top it all off with a laidback feel and friendly people and it’s no wonder Australia scores top billing on bucket lists around the world.

Sail Expeditions to AUSTRALIA

Discover the Whitsunday Islands

The 74 Whitsunday Islands lie between the northeast coast of Queensland, Australia, and the Great Barrier Reef, a massive stretch of coral teeming with marine life. Most of the islands are uninhabited. They’re characterized by dense rainforest, hiking trails and white sand beaches. The town of Airlie Beach on the mainland is the region’s central hub.

Let the spectacular landscape and endless horizon dotted with islands wash over you as you experience the ultimate in adventure and relaxation. A true paradise, the clear protected waters of the Whitsunday Islands lends itself to some of the best sailing in the southern hemisphere.

Seen from above, the Whitsundays are like a stunning organism under the microscope. Indigo, aqua, yellow and bottle-green cellular blobs mesmerise the senses. Seen from afloat in the Coral Sea, any of the 74 islands will hypnotise on approach and leave you giddy with good fortune.

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