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About The Cadet Training Program


The Meridian Adventure Cadet Training Program is 18 months of hands on training – giving our cadets the best tools imaginable for a successful future in life and in the yachting industry. We produce qualified skippers, with an employment contract, an income and a lifetime career ahead of them.

You will grow and develop not only in the theoretical and practical knowledge of your chosen profession, you will also grow as a person. You will learn to see the world from a practical perspective. You will understand, your strengths, your weaknesses and your limitations.

The Meridian Adventure Culture will teach you how to live life practically and purposefully. It will teach you how to live among others and be an energy giving person who contributes positively in any environment.


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Training is on board our designated training boats. Introductory training and Safety training is done in Siğacik, Turkey.
The vessel on which you will live and undergo your cadetship will be a sailing boat.
Each cadet is issued with a personal set of their own training material complete in a beautifully crafted and purpose designed genuine leather Meridian Adventure Briefcase with space for personal belongings and training accessories.
You will be issued a Meridian Adventure Uniform. The Meridian Adventure Uniform is quality and purpose designed for sailing. We wear our uniform with pride as we represent Meridian Adventure.
Throughout your training you will be accommodated onboard an allocated Training Vessel.
There are no holidays in your 18 months training. You will live, think, eat, sleep, breath and enjoy your Meridian Adventure Cadetship Training Program for its full 18-month duration.





The cadet will earn the following qualifications in the 18 month program:
  1. VHF basic radio licence certificate
  2. IYT Master of Yachts 200gt Limited (Sail) certificate
  3. IYT Master of Yachts 200gt Unlimited certificate
  4. PADI Open Water Diver Certificate
  5. By Meridian Adventure, Certificate of Competency in Housekeeping
  6. By Meridian Adventure, Certificate of Competency in Deck
  7. By Meridian Adventure, Certificate of Competency in Engineering
  8. By Meridian Adventure, Certificate of Competency in Spars and Rigging
  9. By Meridian Adventure, Certificate of Competency in Galley
  10. By Meridian Adventure, Certificate of Competency in SEG Guest Services



Training Cost Analysis

Cost Analysis



Careers / After The Cadet Training Program


At the end of 18 months you are given 57 days leave to visit family and friends, after which Meridian Adventure Crew Placement Services will place you in high earning positions on board professionally operated yachts.

The best candidates will be contracted with the Meridian Adventure Charter Fleet to operate our yachts in 9 different regions around the world. These candidates are mentored and developed into industry leaders as the company progresses them with a career path that sees their formal education peak at Master Unlimited.


Certificates and Documents

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