Cadet Training Curriculum Summary


Cadet Training Curriculum Summary

Month 1

During the first month you will be taught how to behave in a boat environment and will learn the Culture and The Program. You will be taught the big picture aspect of Deck in the form of washing the boat. Simultaneously learning where all deck items are kept and understanding that everything has a specific place on a boat. Once you have mastered this aspect on Deck you will do the same on the boat’s Interior. You will gain massive traction in your first month, which will give you the motivation to move forward.

  • The Program and the culture
  • Deck big picture – Wash Down
  • Interior big picture – Wet Dust
  • Engineering


Month 2

In the second month the training is broken down into more detail. You will focus on the boats interior, achieving tasks which give instant satisfaction. You will simultaneously begin to learn the boat systems and operational drills. Your training material comes in the form of the User Guide for your training vessel and the Operational Procedures and Crew Maintenance Guide.

  • Study Guides
  • Engineering
  • Detailed Housekeeping


Month 3 & 4

During the third and fourth months you will be taught in more detail how to maintain and care for a boat using preventative maintenance methods as opposed to reactive methods. You are also given a Responsibility Matrix and taught the importance of taking ownership and responsibility of something, in what we call good ship’s husbandry. In addition to this, you will be taught time management and attention to detail.

  • Interior Maintenance Activity Plan
  • Deck Maintenance Activity Plan
  • Introduction to the Responsibility Matrix
  • Engineering


Month 5, 6, 7 & 8

During months five, six, seven and eight the cadets learn that everything is done as a set drill to ensure professionalism, safety and efficiency. You will learn that there are no short cuts in this profession and that following the drill is the most efficient way to complete any given task.


For more information on the 18 month curriculum, please send us an enquiry from the Cadet Application Enquiry page.