Meridian Adventure Sail is a Private Club. Membership is by invitation only.
Our club provides common ground for like-minded, passionate and influential leaders, industry captains and innovators. We are a venue that provides experiences, and in-between our members discuss the game, the vintage, wheel and deal, and socialise in a convivial space where the food is great and the scenery even better. Our product is for people that are restless, spoilt for choice, and hungry for bespoke, rare and truly pragmatic experiences.


Meridian Yacht Management commissions, manages and supports these private sailing yachts so that the club members can enjoy hassle-free yacht ownership experience. Always mindful of the delicate ecosystems that are our playground, we guarantee an unforgettable experience.



Our founder believes that less is certainly more, and we function on a “waste not want not basis”.

We are an environmentally conscious organisation.

At Meridian Adventure Sail we go to amazing places, enjoy incredible experiences, leave nothing of ourselves behind, and take only unbelievable memories away with us.


The Meridian Adventure Cadet Training Program is a full maritime education system purposed towards creating excellent masters and commanders of yachts and ships for the future. The cadet program pays for all the candidates’ formal education requirements and serves as platform on which they practice and perfect their skills.

We are never shy to point out to our club members the opportunities that exist with changing the way that we as humanity consume, showing them how much of our planet is still pristine, and worthy of being actively conserved. We make every effort to send them home inspired to make changes in their specific industries and have a positive knock-on effect on the health of our oceans. We try to remind everyone that after all we as humanity are custodians of planet earth and it is our responsibility to look after it.