Meridian Adventure Sail is a Private Club. Membership is by invitation only.
Our club provides common ground for the like-minded, passionate and influential leaders, industry captains and innovators. We are a venue that provides experiences, and in-between our members discuss the game, the vintage, wheel and deal, and socialise in a welcoming space where the food is great and the scenery even better. Our product is for people that are restless, spoilt for choice, and are hungry for bespoke, rare and truly pragmatic experiences.
If you want to go to amazing places, enjoy incredible experiences, leave nothing of yourself behind, and take only unbelievable memories away with you, then our club is for you.
If you want to get out of your comfort zone and reconnect with what surrounds you; engage your body in movement; free yourself from clutter and pollution of things; appreciate that less is more; and do all of this in pure luxury – then our club is for you.